How to make a diaper cake

How to make a diaper cake

I purchased diapers in bulk (size 1,210 total diapers in the box) Roll diaper from waistband inward and wrap twice with rubber band.

Make a circle of diapers start with one diaper in the middle and join diapers around that one diaper. Then rubber band that bundle and add more diapers around your first bunch. Repeat til desired size

For tires (right) I used a toilet paper roll in middle and shaped tire with 9-in cake pan.Wrap with rubber band leave roll in tire.Back two tires use paper towel roll.Place tires to look like tricycle

After adding rubber bands to tires and circles (cake) wrap ribbon around and use glue, hot glue or pins but do not glue or pin to diapers.

Place 1st blanket thru back two tires bring to front tire rubber band ends together.Next blanket thru front tire rubber band at top. Place bibs on front and back.Place bottle thru top.

Place either socks or mittens to end of receiving blanket and either rubber band or tape.

Apply ribbon under handle bars. And make a bow

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