How to build an end table out of scrap wood

How to build an end table out of scrap wood

Pick up some free scrap wood from Home Depot. You will need two long slats and a plywood-like piece. These can vary depending on the look you want. I am using two 1x3.5s and a small piece of plywood.

Using a circular saw, cut your plywood into three equal parts, and your long slats into 8 equal parts.

Using a drill, screw 4 legs into the corners of one of your plywood squares.

Place another piece of plywood on top, and screw into the other ends of the legs.

Drill the last 4 legs into the last piece of plywood. You can now use the rest of the table as support!

Flip over the part you just made and set the other half of the table on top of it.

Secure the two sections by drilling at an angle from the inside. Be careful not to drill completely through.

Cover with a wood stain of choice.

Let the stain dry and you have a great end table at little to no cost!

Watch the video: Farmhouse end table build Free plans in description (January 2022).