How to make the original irish coffee

How to make the original irish coffee

Get your kit ready: a cafetiere, a grinder, an Irish Coffee glass, a long metal spoon, a bar spoon (optional), a jigger (optional), a speed pourer (optional), and a Boston or cobbler shaker (optional)

Now get your ingredients ready: Tullamore Dew blended, granulated white sugar from beets, coffee beans, and your favorite cream.

First things first: After gathering your supplies, heat some water that will be used with the coffee beans to make coffee. If you can avoid it, don't boil the water but warm it to 80 degrees Celsius.

Add the coffee beans to the grinder. You can buy pre-ground coffee, but the best taste comes from doing it yourself. Remember grinders can be either electric or manually operated.

Now grind the beans. Remember NOT to make a too fine powder like you would for your typical filter-using-standard-household-coffee-maker. Keep some bits and pieces. Short bursts can help.

Add the ground coffee beans to your cafetiere. Depending on the material it is made from, remember to rinse it with hot water before adding the beans.

When the water is finished heating, slowly and gently pour it into your cafetiere until you have reached your desired amount. The ratio depends on how strong you want your coffee.

Stir that bad boy up.

Add the lid with the filter and leave it for around 2-3 minutes. The more it rests, the stronger the coffee (and we want it strong for our Irish Coffee!)

Some people say this is the most important part: the Whiskey. History has it that the original bartender created Irish Coffee with Tullamore Dew blended in mind - so that is what we will be using.

Bring your truly Irish whiskey to the table and measure 4 cl (/4 parts/1,35 oz) either using a jigger (pictured), a speed pourer or other measuring devices.

Pour it into your glass. And now observe the amber, triple distilled Irish deliciousness.

Having measured the whiskey and left the coffee to rest, push down the filter. Do it slowly! If you feel too much resistance, you have clocked up the filter by grinding your beans too fine.

Slowly pour in your freshly brewed coffee. Leave a metal spoon in the glass to prevent it from cracking from the sudden change in temperature.

Now measure a teaspoon full of sugar. Modern recipes states that the preferred sugar used is from sugar canes, but some say it was actually was mixed with white sugar. Use what you prefer.

Stir in the sugar until it is dissolved. If you find it too harsh (meaning you don't normally drink coffee black), add another spoon of sugar and stir again.

Now get your cream out. Measure the desired 1 1/2 part cream. In this case, I measured 3 cl using the jigger.

Add it to your preferred shaker's tin. Pictured is the tin of a boston shaker.

And now shake it wildly! Shake it for around 30 second to a minute until the cream thickens.

This it how to looks after 30 seconds of wild shaking. Let it sit for another 30 seconds.

And now SLOWLY pour in the cream. Having the camera in one hand, I failed this task miserably. Use the back end of spoon to effectively layer the drink

And you're all done. Now enjoy, sipping its fantastic taste through the cream and not through a straw!

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