How to make an illuminated manuscript

How to make an illuminated manuscript

Most of the supplies I used! I could not find quill so I used a speedball calligraphy set instead.

Pick the color of paper you want to use. I used the middle yellowish paper.

Start drawing out what you want your manuscript of. The manuscript that I was working off of was the Crucifixion from Northern France (around 1450 A.D). It's found in the Book of Hours.

I cut out a hole from a piece of graphing paper that way when writing my wrist will not smudge the pencil marks on the paper as easily.

I then started painting with red

Then green

Then blue

And yellowish orange

I then went back and added some detail with the India ink

With the gold leaf, you'll need a primer of some sort. I used gilding adhesive. Gesso would work just as well.

Using the adhesive I painted a light coat of it on where I want the gold at

Let it dry till it gets tacky

And then lay on the gold leaf and press it on gently

Taking a brush start brushing over the area to get the excess gold off

I then went back and added some more as I brushed too much off

Add the finishing details and you're done!

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