How to make cocoa banana pancakes

How to make cocoa banana pancakes

First, always gather the necessary supplies :) and wash your hands!

Mix all of the DRY ingredients. *sidenote: I decided to use 2/3 cup cocoa powder. If you don't want as much of a chocolate flavor, you can use 1/3 cup :)*

It should look something like this

Mash the two bananas in a bowl with a spoon. To make it easier, I cut the bananas into thick chunks before mashing. Try to smash as much as possible to prevent clumps of banana in the pancake.

It should look like baby food! Set aside until needed

Before mixing in the rest of the ingredients, have the melted butter prepared. Put the butter in a up and microwave for 10 seconds at a time until fully melted.

Incorporate all of wet ingredients to the dry and whisk together. Put bananas last.

Heat pan or griddle on medium-high heat. Allow butter to melt.

Pour desired amount of the mix. (Obviously I didn't mash the banana well enough and ended up with them in my pancake. Still delicious though!) cook for about 1 minute or until it begins to bubble.

When flipping, be careful as the pancakes are on the thinner side :) once flipped, allow to cook for about 15 more seconds, or until cooked thoroughly.

Enjoy! :) I decided to top mine with walnuts, raspberries, and a bit of powdered sugar.

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