How to keep your dog cool in the heat

How to keep your dog cool in the heat

First, search for your old kiddie pool or any dog sized container.

Now take a hose and fill up the container or kiddie pool with water. If have a regular pool you can use that.

If your dog doesn't like water you can try putting some of its toys in the pool. If your dog hates water and there is request to make a guide to make dogs like water I will make one.

It is very important that their paws are wet because they could get blisters and dry paw pads. The water soothes and moistens their paw pads. You can also rub some water on your dogs back and head.

Another good idea is to take any kind of plastic mat or sheet. Make sure this mat is in the shade or on the porch/patio so it doesn't heat up. The mat makes a cool surface for your dog to relax on

If you don't have a mat shaded areas are good for your dogs to relax in. Make sure they have their favorite toy (or old shoe). Having shade and a cool area can prevent your dog from severe sunburns.

Also another tip is put furniture outside if you have no shade. Your dogs can easily relax under a picnic table or chair.

Another good idea is to bring your dogs water bowl outside. This keeps your dogs hydrated so they can keep all their energy for a fun day of play.

Take a portable fan outside so you can cool your dog off in the sun or not.

Also avoid concrete at all costs! In the sun concrete is very hot. Keep your dogs away when it gets hot.

A treat you can use as a refreshing snack that all dogs love is ... ice. It is almost like have your dog drink water but dogs love crunching and cracking the ice in their mouth, while keeping cool.

When you go to feed your after a long day try to mix in some wet dog food. Not only is it refreshing but packed with essential vitamins for your dog.

Also make sure your dog gets a a haircut often. A new summer coat can support your dogs by keeping them cool.

Help your dog beat the heat with these tips on how to cool your pooch down.

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