How to freshen up nails/clean/make whiter

How to freshen up nails/clean/make whiter

Have no polish on nails and shape them.. Mine are really dirty!

Have about this much toothpaste

Add this much baking soda

Add all around and under nails

Have a brush



Wash nails with warm water and you have cleaner nails!

Add lotion

Other hand

Add a clear base coat

Done! And the little black line on my ring finger is a bruise from when I smashed it in a bus window, not dirt!

And yes, I know I still have some polish on my nails.. But the tips of my nails are alot whiter!

You can paint them or leave them just the way they are with the base coat! If I do decide on painting them, I will make a guide. Thanks for watching! Bye!

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