How to do a lella hair plait

How to do a lella hair plait

This plait works with straight or curly hair. Start with your hair clean and brushed

Gather all your hair to one side

Secure it loosely with a bobble

Make a hole through your hair above where the bobble is

Thread the rest of your hair through the hole from the front to the back and pull it a bit tight but not too tight

Repeat this again.... The another bobble a bit lower down

Make a hole....

Pull it through and pull

It should now look a bit like this

Now you have to take out the top bobble ONLY don't just pull it out as it will ruin the plait take out the bobble by pulling the plait through backwards

Make another 'knot' below the second knot

Take out the bobble above it...

Repeat until all your hair is done just leave in the bottom bobble

This is close up

This is the end result! Please comment your results

Watch the video: Frozen Elsas Braid Hair Tutorial (January 2022).